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Doing what's right in my heart has led me to the highest of highs. Service to people has been my goal in life. Webster Dyer and I worked with a diverse group of people to develop. The Serenity Strategy is a nine-step LGBT+ diversity strategy for higher education and the workforce. The goal of the strategy is to foster an environment that promotes positive LGBT+ identity development and acceptance. In order to further the goals of The Serenity Strategy, we established The Serenity Strategy Network, which will enable us to continue working in higher education while expanding into the workplace.

We named The Serenity Strategy after my little sister who passed away when I was thirteen years old. Through Serenity there is peace and her name will spread peace to identity development in higher education and the workforce. We have been meeting with anyone who wants to know about The Serenity Plan. If you would like to set up a meeting, please submit your information using the form on this page.


Bryon Pierson

Founder and Spokesperson

Staff Bios

Bryon Pierson, Founder and Spokesperson

Bryon graduated from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville with a major in political science and a minor in psychology. He is outspoken about his beliefs that all LGBT+ individuals deserve equality in education and in the workplace. He has gained media attention for his role in improving LGBT+ community rights at SIUE and continues to work on behalf of all members of the community.

Webster Dyer, Co-Founder and SIUE Student Cell Director

Webster is a senior geography student at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. Webster co-authored the Serenity Plan with Bryon Pierson and believes that its principles should be adopted by every school in the nation. Webster hopes to facilitate the growth of SIUE's LGBT+ diversity programs, and he looks forward to working with students and administrators to make SIUE the best school it can be for its LGBT+ student population.

Michael Hill, National Strategist

Michael graduated from Illinois State University in 2016 with a major in political science and a minor in mass media. He is a professional researcher with several years of experience who will help shape the future of The Serenity Strategy Network. He is passionate about equal rights for all people and is an advocate for the acceptance of all members of the LGBT+ community.

Webster Dyer (left) and Bryon Pierson (right)

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